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Preparing Your Home for the Season

Getting Your Home Ready for The Upcoming Holidays

You know how it goes. Suddenly it’s October and now you’re on the fast track to the chaotic holiday season. Social engagements begin filling up your calendar, leftover “to do’s” from summer linger, and now you have a new “to do list” to concur. This year, take one weekend to knock out your task list and come out ahead of the pack.

Purge and organize

Your home’s central hub is usually the kitchen, especially during the holidays. The holiday season always means a lot of extra food, which means you’ll need a lot of extra storage. Probably long overdue, you’ve meant to get to it. Go ahead and turn off your phone and TV and get busy. A few hours invested on a Saturday or Sunday could be your saving grace down the road a few weeks.

Fix or replace

Losing a major appliance during a holiday dinner will make for a dicey outcome. Call a professional to fix it or replace it. Check your smoke detectors for workability and battery life.  Lighting fixtures should have working bulbs and free from dust and grime. A quick wipe down and new bulb – call it done!

Spruce up the outside

Take advantage of the decent weather and spruce up the exterior of your home. Add a fresh coat of paint to your home. Clear away fallen leaves, dying shrubs, or dead tree limbs. Replace a broken or worn-out fence and pressure washing outdoor living spaces will improve the appearance of your home.

Freshen the interior

Baseboards, doors and door frames become dingy over time – a quick wipe with a magic eraser and some touch-up paint will improve the view immensely. Schedule to have any carpeting and area rugs cleaned. Spice up your décor! Get into the holiday spirit by adding some festive décor pieces or a new rug to help welcome friends and family to your home.

Stock up!

It’s a good idea to prepare for the masses and the messes during the holidays. Make sure to have extra napkins, trash bags, paper towels, and other cleaning supplies to keep your home tidy. With all the baking and cooking coming up, stock up on non-perishable food items and that you invariably will need. Wine and liquor –  it’s not like it’s going to expire, so go ahead and stock up so it’s one last thing you’ll have to do.

Before you know it, you’ll be done and be looking like you had a team of workers help you prepare for the season.
Aren’t you relieved you did it all early? Now you can focus on your holiday wardrobe and get to your events on time!
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